6 Things You Need To Know Before You Visit A Psychologist

What a Psychologist is not.
Yastika Kamboj
Written by Yastika Kamboj

If you, or people you know, have come across situations where you have to consult a Psychologist (or will do so in future) you might ask other people what a Psychologist does. The purpose of this article is to save you the effort and time of doing so. This article talks about what a Psychologist is NOT. Once you are able to comprehend that, you might have a clearer picture of what to expect.

Given below are realities related to certain common beliefs about psychologists. These beliefs tend to color the perception of people towards therapy and what it does. This may or may not have an effect on the course of treatment.

I am writing this article from the perspective of a Psychologist so that you can understand us better and vice versa.

What don’t Psychologists do?

  1. We are not mind-readers.
    As appealing as it may sound, nobody in this world can read minds. Yes, Psychologists are trained to listen carefully. But they can make sense of only what you show and tell them. They will probably point out details that others may not because they learn to pay attention to the same, but they can definitely not read minds.
  2. We don’t share your confidential information
    Often, people feel uncomfortable in seeking help. This is because they feel that something so personal to them will be out in the open. They fear that others may find out, and consequently judge them. Psychologists will never share your personal information with anybody unless you give the consent to do so or the law demands this action.
  3. We are not advice givers.
    Psychologists provide help, but they don’t tell you what to do. They will help you get a better understanding of yourself, but only by assisting you in doing so. Sometimes it is difficult for us to make sense of something we already know. Psychologists assist you in reaching that level of understanding in which you can understand yourself and your issues better.
  4. We aren’t here to just treat disorders.
    It is a general belief that people who consult Psychologists are suffering from some mental disorder. The stigma attached to this can form the content for another article! This belief is only partially true. While Psychologists work with mental disorders, they also work with problems like adjustment issues, stress, relationship issues, and daily life issues and so on. These issues may or may not be clinically significant.
  5. We don’t judge you
    People often find it difficult to open up to someone they don’t know. They fear that they would be judged in some way or the other. Trust me: a Psychologist is the last person who’d judge you. They are open-minded and accepting. What one might think is judging on the part of the Psychologist, is actually looking objectively at the situation you are seeking help for. All of this is done to help you help yourself.
  6. We don’t answer your questions directly.
    A Psychologist only helps you in finding answers hidden within yourself. They give you a platform where you can explore your complete self in the most comfortable and safe way possible.


We may thus conclude that a Psychologist has particular ways of helping his or her clients. Their ways revolve around certain ethics and methods. The main aim of all this is to maximize the benefit of clients. 

Now that you know who Psychologists actually are, I hope you will be less likely to contact one of them in case you have any problem with which you need help. Click here to connect to well-trained Psychologists for help today!

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