7 Causes of Stress in Teenagers

A teenager in stress.
Sefali Misra
Written by Sefali Misra

Stress has become a part and parcel of today’s life. Everybody faces it on a daily basis. Amazingly, nearly anything can stress us out irrespective of how small or big it is!

What is stress?

Stress is the pressure you feel when you find it difficult to meet up with the challenges of a situation, where you are unable to relax. It gets manifested in your physical (low energy, body aches, acidity, nausea, back pain, headache, loss of sleep), emotional (easily getting annoyed, moody, crying, feeling out of control) and mental (not relaxed, constant tension, low self-esteem) state.

Teenagers get stressed very easily because they are in a period of transition. They are progressing from being kids to grownups. This is also the phase in which they form an identity of their own which makes them different from their family and friends. Ironically, this is also the time during which they seek acceptance from others.

A teenager suffering from stress.

What kind of stress do teenagers face?

So what are the circumstances that put teenagers under stress?

Here are a few of them:-

  1. Physical changes in the body – Hormones and physical growth cause these crucial changes. They make them feel confused regarding what is going on in their body. The hormonal fluctuation also affects their mood.
  2. Academic challenges– These challenges increase as one goes to higher classes. Loads of studies and the pressure to perform better is something that teens often find difficult to cope with. They also worry about decisions regarding their career, the stream they need to choose, the colleges they want to apply in etc. Failure in any of these aspects might be unacceptable to their parents, friends, and teachers. A cocktail of all these worries simply leads to even more stress!
  3. Family– It poses as a stressor when teens feel pressurized to stand up to parents’ expectations, sibling rivalry, strained relation with siblings, responsibility to take care of a younger sibling, marital problem or divorce of father and mother, a sick family member, financial issues of the family etc.
  4. Peers– Even “chilling with buddies” can become stressful when teens have to win the approval of a peer group to be a part of their circle. They would feel pressurized to do certain things demanded by their peers. This includes experimenting with alcohol, smoking, drugs, being compelled into sexual behavior or anything else which they would have to do to be accepted by the group they wish to join.
  5. Society– Living in a society that needs everybody to be a certain way becomes challenging. More problems occur when it comes to understanding and expressing their gender and sexuality as our society is still not very open to the idea that these concepts contain a huge spectrum of identities. There is a lot more to this concept than just being a man or a woman.
  6. Bullying, self-esteem, body image, how they look, what they wear etc. causes further stress.
  7. Romantic relationships and breakups which can hurt a lot more than we expect them to.


A manageable amount of stress is life-saving as it alerts us to potential dangers. It also helps us deal with problems. However, when it becomes a burden, it makes our life unbalanced and miserable. Prolonged stress can lead to developing anxiety disorders and depression.

Stress is significantly problematic for teenagers. If you feel like your teenager is having stress in life, reach out to a Psychologist today by clicking here.

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