9 Things That Help Me When I Need Motivation In My Life

Motivation is the key to success.
Jagjit Kaur
Written by Jagjit Kaur

Have you ever asked yourself , ” What makes me get up every morning and go about my day?”

The answer to that question lies in the concept of motivation.

What is motivation and why is it  important for you?

Motivation is something that moves you from within to get up and pursue your goals. It drives you to do tasks out of your comfort zone, fills you with zeal to keep going irrespective of the challenges in the process and helps you grow as a person.

What do I say to myself when I need motivation?

Whenever I feel like I need some motivation to achieve a goal, I remind myself that I can do it . I believe I am capable of achieving the goal I want . I start by taking small steps persistently. Persistence is the key to success here. I urge myself to make some progress towards the goal each and every day. I have to step out of my comfort zone often. Nevertheless, every step that I take in the direction of my goal makes the path ahead clearer for me. It is almost like conquering a mountain one step at a time.

It is difficult to believe in oneself when one faces failure. However,  I try to make myself believe even then that I must keep trying. In that way, I can use this failure as a lesson in order to succeed in future!

9 things that help me stay motivated

  1. Goals– I have a goal to attain. This is the aim that moves me from within to achieve something in my life..
  • When I am aware of where my happiness lies, I will be very clear about my goal while defining it.
  • Self-awareness helps in making my goal more authentic and achievable.
  • Learning something new is something that I always found exciting. For some, the rides in amusement park are adventurous while others find them dangerous . Similarly, the challenges one faces while learning something new amuse me even though others might not feel the same way.

2. I have a burning desire to turn  my dream into reality. When the end result is not just about me but a lot of                    people are connected to that goal, my motivation to work increases further. I love giving therapy and the fact      that it will help people live a better life is makes it all the more important.

3. I want to feel the emotions attached to my goal : the feelings of happiness, contentment enjoyment, a sense of      achievement, empowerment etc. As that will happen only once I achieve the said goal, this is another                              motivating factor that drives me to work hard.

4. I remain motivated because I believe I can do it;I believe I control the outcome of situations. This indicates                   that I have high self-efficacy.

5. I don’t let failures impact my self-worth or self-esteem. Instead, I try to move past the obstacles that I face by         regulating my emotions.

6. A good support system , such as family, friends, a spouse, or a partner will you stay motivated towards your               goal.

7. Lastly, check whether the happiness you achieve after attaining your goal would be long-lasting or short lived.          See if that satisfaction would be temporary or if it would helping you reach greater levels of contentment.                      Becoming a Therapist is the first level of happiness I would experience. I’ll reach the second level is when I’ll                be encouraged to get better at my work and help more and more people!

Motivation help you overcome obstacles and succeed.

The salary at the end of every month did not give me that everlasting happiness which I was looking for. Hence, the motivation to keep working as a software developer died soon and I departed on this adventurous ride of changing my career with the belief that what lies at the end of it is the ultimate happiness which I have always wanted.


Motivation often help us overcome obstacles in life and succeed. However, a counselor can be very helpful for those who feel they lack the same zeal . If you know someone who needs help in this regard, connect them with a mental Health Professional from Mind Solace today!

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