Can thinking anxiously turn into a habit and personality?

Expert Answers For Emotional WellbeingCategory: Anxiety-OCD-PhobiasCan thinking anxiously turn into a habit and personality?
Kamal asked 7 months ago
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Yastika KambojYastika Kamboj Staff answered 7 months ago

Yes, thinking anxiously can turn into a habit and effect your personality.
In fact, it becomes a part of your personality because it becomes a habit.
Anxiety effects us in such a way, that our perception is colored by negative thoughts. These types of thoughts may even serve the purpose of caution for some and it helps them model their behavior in a protective fashion. Because of this seemingly protective and helpful nature of anxious thoughts, people may become comfortable with such thoughts and with comfort comes habituation. We feel more confident in following such patterns of behavior.
What one needs to do is break the habit; for this, you may need professional help as old habits die hard.