How do i stop missing my ex?

Kanan asked 6 months ago
1 Answers
Yastika KambojYastika Kamboj Staff answered 6 months ago

Asking such a question itself takes a lot of courage and courage is a very important part of the first step to stop missing your ex. So, you are halfway there 🙂
However, to ‘stop missing’ does not mean that you will totally forget that the person existed. No matter what, if the person played a significant role in your life- you cannot erase their memory.
This does not mean that you will brood over him/her for the rest of your lives. What you can do is
ask yourself why you are missing your ex in the first place. Is it actually the person that you miss, or is it what you had with him/her. Truth being told, most of us start defining ourselves through our relationships and when we face a breakup, we lose our sense of self. The most important thing here is to first learn to value yourself.
People try to cope with a breakup by distracting themselves in some way or the other. What they should do is process what has happened and why it may have happened. If you come to terms with the reality, acceptance itself will make you want to get past the breakup..and that is when you will stop missing your ex. You may still miss what you had with the person, but if you accept why it may get easier to live with the memory.