6 Break-up Hacks Every Guy Needs To Know

A sad man dealing with his break-up
Sefali Misra
Written by Sefali Misra

The idea of a break-up often seems so terrorizing that people don’t even want to think about it. It marks the end of a relationship between two people involved romantically. Her absence may have left an unavoidable emptiness and loneliness in your heart. You try to hide it all by putting on a mask of an emotionless human. Does that help?

Both guys and girls have different ways of dealing with a break-up. Girls try to address the emotional distress which helps them to heal. On the other hand, guys try to avoid the emotional pain for the sake of “masculinity’. Isn’t that what the society expects both of them to be like?

Our society teaches boys since childhood to not express their emotions and keep a stone-like face even in times of trouble. The true mark of ‘masculinity’ is supposed to be enduring pain silently. But which human has ever been able to escape emotions? It feels like the only emotion you can show is anger because it doesn’t make you look ‘weak’. But do the other emotions really go away?

So you have had a break-up. How can you deal with it?

  1. Don’t drown the pain in drinking, smoking, drugs, and work. These are distractions that simply delay the process of healing.
  2. Instead of denying your pain, allow yourself to feel it. Cry as much as you want to!
  3. Respond to your emotions with empathy and compassion. It will allow those parts of yourself to be acknowledged and comforted.
  4. Reach out to your friends who can provide you emotional support.
  5. Don’t get into a rebound relationship because you are feeling lonely. Replacement is another means to avoid your pain. This does not help in healing you. Rather, it ends up hurting another person.
  6. Socialize with your friends and engage in your favorite hobbies. It will help in dealing with loneliness and emptiness. However, don’t use “chilling” as an excuse to avoid your pain.

A break-up can hurt because you lost someone you were close to. It is completely okay to be sad. Emotions do not make you weak; they make you a human being!

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Take care.

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Sefali Misra

Sefali Misra

As a Psychologist, I aim to make people realize that they have the potential within themselves to overcome all problems in Life. And I will walk with them, together to find their path towards mental and emotional wellness. My personal battle with Depression motivates me to help those in need and to also empathize with and understand what they are going through.

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