13 Reasons Why Coming to Delhi-NCR for Studies is Not Easy

Hemangi Chakravarty

Year after year, around 9 Lac students come to Delhi from all over India. They hope to use NCR as a stepping stone to reach the future of their dreams. However, moving into this chaotic state with hopes and dreams of a successful life isn’t easy. Here are 13 things that everyone experiences while moving to a college or university in the Dilli of everyone’s desires for fulfilling their dreams:-

  1. Finally, FREEDOM! – While some of us miss our homes while moving out, others feel like this is their ultimate moment of AAZADI from all the rules and regulations they had at home. But remember that living away from home is not as easy we think it is.
  2. Anxiety/confusion –It is very common to miss your hometown. After all, you’ve lived there for SO LONG! Sometimes this anxiety can even make you rethink the whole decision. Experience that panic because it is very normal. But, you should also consider seeing a therapist if it gets out of control.
  3. From a house to a single room– Moving from the home that had slowly become a part of yourself to a room that is completely new to you is definitely difficult. Trying to fit everything that you have known, loved and could possibly carry to your college in this very space seems impossible! However, if you’re keeping too many things which you know won’t be using anymore, try to see why you are keeping them with you.
  4. Fitting into a new culture– Every place has its own culture you may or may not fit into.We all try to blend in with the norms. But, don’t worry if you don’t fit. Some things happen slowly.
  5. Pressure from peers–Whether you like it or not, sometimes you will end up doing what you don’t like to do just to impress your friends. However, remember that no group of ‘friends’ will ask you to do something that will harm you. If somebody pushes you, you always have the choice to stay away from harming people or harming yourself.
  6. Being a loner in the crowd – “Who’s got my back? Who is a true friend?” These feelings will arise naturally as you settle in. Be you! Your vibe will attract your tribe.
  7. Keeping in touch with your roots–Once you’re in Delhi, you might slowly reduce calling your family and friends back there. These reduced conversations might create distance between you and your loved ones.  Let them (and yourself) know that distance is not always the same as separation! Just catch up with them as often as possible.
  8. Gaining/losing weight– Some of us forget to eat in the rollercoaster ride that our college takes us on. Others don’t remember to do much besides eating! It’s only after a drastic change in weight that we realize this. If your diet, weight, and appearance bother you so much as to stop you from doing much else, it is time to take good care of yourself.
  9. “Study”-life balance– It’s easy to forget about the dreams you wanted to achieve. After all, there’s nobody to constantly remind you about them anymore! We often see students forget what they came here for and lose sight of their dreams. They become obsolete in their own lives. This can lead to a multitude of problems in future. Poor grades and broken dreams are just a few of them. Don’t let ‘fun’ take a toll on your future.
  10. From just a ‘lip and smoke’ to addiction–  It is easier than you think to get into the habit of smoking joints and drinking beers. You may be graduating to addiction before you actually graduate your college! Sometimes that sutta that you have in your hand to act cool becomes the worst addiction ever. We know you are intelligent and won’t let this happen. We know you are here to build your dreams rather than evaporate in Dilli’s smoke.
  11. Handling old and new friends– “Should I chill with my new friends or reconnect with the ones back home?” This confusion might bother you a lot, but you will learn how to manage both the groups soon enough.
  12. Love is in the air– Entering grad school feels like getting a license to thrill. But be it a major crush, a new love interest in the college or the one you have had since school- all good things come to an end, unfortunately. Heartbreaks hurt, but they can also be overcome. Don’t think, “What is college without a new crush is every week!” As you settle down, you will experience this invariably.
  13. Life happened– We all realize pretty soon into our college life that we have to deal with everything on our own. Be it budgeting issues or taking major decisions regarding what to do next in life, we must tackle them on our own.

We may conclude that the first year at a college in Delhi-NCR can be more difficult for those of us who are not from this place. However, a Psychologist can help you get through it easily.

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Hemangi Chakravarty

Hemangi Chakravarty

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