How did I Benefit from My Breakup?

I turned my breakup into an opportunity for personal growth
Yishu Rajpal
Written by Yishu Rajpal

How would you cope with the breakup that ends a long-term,  strong and enmeshed relationship?

Getting into another relationship was not an option. You might want to do so at what you need at that time, but that won’t really help.Instead, I decided to improve my own life however much I could.

How did I cope with my breakup?

I began by starting my day at 4 in the morning. Yoga and meditation became a part of my routine. Each day of mine was completely devoted to healthy living and I used to go back to bed by 8 p.m. at the latest.

I firmly believed that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. All of this was supposed to make me feel better, wasn’t it? Well, that didn’t really happen in the 6 months for which I followed this routine religiously. On the contrary, I was feeling more and more low as the days passed. However, I continued to try to get better until the day I broke down.

I needed someone to depend upon at that time. I called every single number in my contact list. However, it was of no use.

What was the issue?

I was sure that getting into another relationship was not an option for me. While trying to figure out what went wrong, I found out that I was paving my way to Depression caused by the devastating breakup. Furthermore, the relaxation techniques I was using wore worsening the situation.

My packed schedule and sleeping at 8 pm killed my social life. I had no friends with whom I could share my feelings. I figured out I need to connect with people who can help me recover.

How did I solve this problem?

Fortunately, I met some really friendly people and started hanging out with them. It made me feel a lot better. I was able to come out of that phase with their help. Yes, it was difficult to ask for help initially. But when you start trusting people, it becomes easy.

However, even I hold some credit for getting better. My will to face my issues and grow helped me cope with the situation to a great extent. Taking the responsibility of oneself is of utmost importance, and so is caring for one. Yes, it is difficult to ask for help initially. But when you start trusting people, it becomes easy.

My decision to improve my own life helped me cope with the breakup.

People can help you to a certain extent. But in the end,  your life shall depend on your own decisions.


My breakup had left me devastated. It had nearly pushed me into the trap of Depression, and meditation was of no use whatsoever! I was lucky to find friends who helped me get out of that phase, but my own will to do so was of equal importance. Nevertheless, the help of a therapist would have made the procedure a lot easier

If you are also dealing with a breakup that is breaking your mental health into microscopic pieces, it’s time to consult a Mental Health Professional. Contact a counselor from Mind Solace today!


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