9 Feelings You Go Through After the Death of Your Favorite Celebrity

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Sefali Misra
Written by Sefali Misra

To begin with, death is the inevitable truth of life. It is the permanent end of all biological functioning of an organism. Even when we know that everyone meets their end, we find it difficult to accept it as easily as we accept birth. Simple awareness regarding death is not enough to deal with the loss of a soul.It is hard to digest that yesterday he/she was living & breathing and the next day, the existence has vanished into thin air! It is common to grieve the death of a loved one.But, don’t we also mourn the death of our favorite celebrity in the same way?

Here are the 9 feelings that you go through after the death of your favorite celebrity-

  1. Firstly, you might feel embarrassed while admitting that the death of someone you didn’t even know in person is affecting you so much.
  2. This may be followed by feeling empty and numb. It feels as if part of you is gone!
  3.  You get angry thinking how that celebrity could have (more or less) abandoned you!
  4.  You start wondering if you could have done something to prevent the death. This is likely to happen in the case of suicide or terminal illness.
  5. You wallow in a state of sadness. Wanting to curl up into a ball and cry your heart out seems just right!
  6.  Then you may feel empathetic and compassionate towards others who are struggling with the same issues as your favorite celebrity.
  7.  Furthermore, you might feel like helping those who are struggling with the problems your favorite celebrity struggled with.
  8. The acceptance of their death and prayers for their soul rests in peace.
  9. Lastly, you learn to appreciate the battle that the celebrity you always looked up to was constantly fighting. However, nothing could stop them from entertaining the whole, wide world!

In the very end

To conclude, we all grieve and go into mourning until you manage to find acceptance of death. The cause of grief can be the death of a dear one or a celebrity you never met!

This phase can be very difficult. You must have felt connected with your favorite celebrity in some way. You might have even felt as if that distant celebrity understood what you are going through. An example of this can be the way in which every Linkin Park fan relates to the lyrics of songs like “Numb”, “Heavy”, “Invisible”, “Leave Out All The Rest”, “Not Alone” and so on.

Consequently, the recent suicide of Chester Bennington hits all of us the hardest! His fans connected with him and the way he portrayed his struggles through lyrics and music. This is something most people find difficult to express. His songs have been a support system for many people throughout their difficult times.

Grieving after death is a usual process that many people experience. However, accepting death is very difficult. If you find difficulty in dealing with the loss of a loved ones, do consult a Psychologist. You can connect to one by clicking here.

May the soul of your loved celebrity rest in peace.

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Sefali Misra

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