How Did I Learn to Look at the Positive Side of Life?

There is still some positivity in this world that helps us hope for a better future.
Yastika Kamboj
Written by Yastika Kamboj

Today, my colleagues asked me to write an article of a specific kind. It could be about something positive or maybe something difficult that I have experienced and still made it through.

Honestly, I could think of nothing. That certainly doesn’t imply that my life has been a bed of roses. I have definitely faced my share of problems and doubted myself more than often, but none of it is as harsh as I thought it was. There is something that scares me more.

My worst fear

I usually travel by metro and while doing that, I (being the creep I am) like to watch people. When I watch, I don’t just look; I observe. I see the insecurity behind the eyes of one woman looking at another- scanning her from head to toe. The depth in the eyes that seem lost in music is visible to me. I see the will to be free in the eyes of those looking out of the windows, lost in deep thought. I mostly see sadness on most of the faces in the metro and trust me, Delhi’s metros are pretty full of people. This is what scared me the most. This was my biggest fear.

With so many people and their troubles, hope for the world seems bleak.  You talk to any random stranger, I am sure if you talk to them long enough, you’ll find out that this person is going through something difficult and yet he/she stands strong in front of you.

For a long time, I was very disappointed. I believed nothing could be done- there seemed to be no way that we could draw attention to positivity in a world that is so full of negativity. From that disappointment stemmed hopelessness and anger.

I felt angry that people are turning so ignorant toward each other. The humanity that was to bring all of us together is disappearing. And then that anger turned to hopelessness again. That is when I saw a tiny girl at the metro station. She gave her half-eaten packet of biscuits to a homeless person sitting by the entrance gates.

A child trying to help someone else .

This little girl had no idea that she had restored my faith in humanity. The fact that even this child wanted to help someone in need meant that her parents are doing something right. That incident made me feel a lot better and changed my perspective completely.

There is a lot of negativity around us and each one of us is fighting their battles. Nevertheless, strong souls that want to fight and conquer their fears do exist. Kind souls that want to help others do exist. Most importantly, humanity continues to exist. The only thing left to do would be to recognize this fact. It would help each one of us help others in some way.

It is only while I was writing this that I realized that I had overcome one of my greatest fears – the fear of negativity itself!


That little girl’s simple act of kindness made me realize that some positivity still continues to exist somewhere. This world won’t stop being what it is like. However, the problems that all of us experience and witness daily cannot make us blind to the good things in life. I agree that negativity is much more rampant than positivity in this big bad world. But having said that, all hope is not lost either.


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