How Can You Engineer Your Life to The Next Level of Happiness?

Happiness comes from different aspects of our life.
Lekh Bajaj
Written by Lekh Bajaj

“What do I want from life?”

“Why are human beings doing whatever they are doing? What are they after?

Have you ever pondered over these questions?

How do humans seek happiness?

All that we human beings are looking for in life is to be happy. We all want to make the experience of living a happier one. Different people have different ways of making themselves happy. Some go for travel, for a party, for cracking a deal, for scoring better marks, for winning a match and so many other things. If we go into the depth of everything that we do, the eventual purpose of that thing is our search for happiness.

If happiness is so important aspect of our life, do we really give it the importance it deserves?

How often do we ask ourselves questions like these:-

  • “What makes me happy?”
  • “When am I happy?”
  • “What makes it go away?”
  • “Are there different levels of happiness that we experience?”
  • “Are most of the people around us happy?” 
  • “Is it possible to remain happy 24X7?”
  • “If I go for a party, movie, picnic or any such activity, how long will that happiness last?”
  • “Does happiness come only from external sources or it can be generated internally as well?”
  • “What will give me happiness – Money? Respect? Fame? Relationship? Meditation? Success? Travelling?  Friends?”

How can we process and maintain our happiness?

To get a better understanding of happiness, we need to fragment it into different components instead of seeing it just as a broad term. Most of the people put too much emphasis on one or two aspects of life due to ignorance. This causes them to get too attached to those very aspects. And then if anything goes wrong in those one or two aspects, their entire experience of being happy gets shaken up. In our lives, our happiness doesn’t come from just one source, it’s a sophisticated mix of multiple aspects, like:-

  • Work
  • Partner / spouse
  • Leisure Time
  • Friends
  • Career
  • Parents
  • Daily Chores
  • Children
  • Relatives
  • Well-being
    • Physical
    • Psychological
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual

Understanding the various aspects and sources of happiness can help us maximize and maintain our joy.

How does this division of aspects help in being happy?

Once we divide life into multiple aspects, it gives us clarity and helps us to prioritize our time and efforts to be put into different aspects. Now in any particular time phase, even if there are ups and downs in one or two of these aspects, we know that our other sources of happiness are still in place.

In some cases, people become very successful in one of these aspects (e.g. business) but they miss out on the others (e.g. relationships) and eventually, their lives instead of becoming fulfilling, becomes miserable. In this case, such a categorization can be a game changer as it helps us to plan and channelize our GROWTH into all the aspects of life and eventually leading to a holistic success.  


We may thus conclude that in order to be truly happy, it is important to recognize the various aspects and sources of our joy. This will help us work on the places that might become a source of unhappiness in future. Furthermore, it would also help us to remain happy even if something goes wrong in one aspect of our life.

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Lekh Bajaj

Lekh Bajaj

A little bit about myself, I am Lekh Bajaj. I completed my Btech from IIT Delhi and after getting experience of a corporate job, I shifted to the area of mental health and psychology. To strengthened my knowledge I pursued my Post Graduate degree in Clinical Psychology.

More than a counsellor, I am an empathetic friend who is willing to be there for you, as you come out of all the problems and grow in your life.

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