Are You Suffering From Internet Addiction Disorder?

Internet Addiction Disorder can happen easily with our current lifestyle.
Sefali Misra
Written by Sefali Misra

Have you ever felt like your life is stressful, empty or boring when your internet does not work? If yes, then you might be suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder.

What is Internet Addiction Disorder?

In today’s world, it is hard to live our daily lives without relying on the internet!Be it staying in touch with your loved ones, launching your business in the market, ordering food, finding some information or playing games, the world wide web has got our back . But, this boon has a dark side to it as well.

Internet Addiction Disorder is the compulsive need of using internet for most of the time. One might do so to the extent of letting their work, academics, relationships and daily life suffer. A study on the chemical structure of the brain of those having internet addiction prove it to be similar to that of those suffering from addiction to substances like drugs. Another study reported that 92% of teenagers go online every single day. Facebook is the most commonly used social media site for teens aged 13 to 17 years. Furthermore, the frequency of using Facebook was higher in teenage boys, whereas the frequency of using Instagram was high among teenage girls.

What are the categories of this disorder?

People use the internet for various purposes. A few of those might become their cause for internet addiction, such as:-

  1. Sex- People often use the internet to look at, download or swap pornography. One might also use it to engage in casual cybersex with other users.
  2. Relationships- Using chat rooms to form online relationships (online dating) rather than engaging with family, friends and relationships in real world.
  3. Games- Spending excessive amount of time in playing games, gambling, shopping and trading online isn’t uncommon either.
  4. Information- One might be searching for information on certain topics obsessively, and hoarding it.
  5. Social networking addiction- This refers to the desire to constantly monitor social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Internet Addiction Disorder occurs very commonly nowadays.

So do you suffer from Internet Addiction Disorder?

If you have similar experiences as the ones listed below , you might be suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder:-

  1. A need to spend more and more time online to feel a sense of satisfaction.
  2. Turning to the internet to cope with negative feelings of guilt, anxiety or depression.
  3. Spending a lot of time in other internet related activities such as researching internet vendors, internet books.
  4. Experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms– These include anxiety, moodiness and compulsive fantasies about the internet. These urges get relieved only upon using the internet.
  5. Neglecting other areas of life such as relationships, work, school and leisure pursuits in favor of spending time on the internet.
  6. You are ready to lose relationships, jobs or other important things in favor of the internet.

Theories suggest the compulsive need for internet arises due to many reasons, like:-

  1. Personality issues- People having issues with their personality stand a great chance to depend on the internet and substances which they get addicted to.
  2. Shyness- People feel like they can be their ‘true self’ on social media, but not in the real world.
  3. The ‘good’ and ‘high’ feeling brain gets when one is using the internet.
  4. People might use it as a means to escape from the reality of one’s own problems.
  5. Instant gratification– People might use the internet for things like finding information in fraction of second, gambling , and pornography, all of which leads to instant gratification.
  6. Coping strategy– One might use internet as a means to improve one’s mood instead of dealing with the problems that lead to being low in the first place .

What conditions can accompany Internet Addiction Disorder ?

Kimberly S. Young- an expert in studying internet addiction and online behavior- found in her studies that people with Internet Addiction Disorder often have other mental disorder. Depression is the most common co morbid condition that accompanies the diagnosis.


We may thus conclude that Internet Addiction Disorder can be a problem that people don’t even notice until it becomes a huge concern for them. But, most of the damage already takes place by then. If you know someone suffering from this disorder,  help them by booking an appointment at Mind Solace today.


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