What Did I Learn From My Encounter With Depression?

Depression can teach us many interesting and important lessons
Laraeb Pracha
Written by Laraeb Pracha

I believe that whatever happens in life happens for a reason. From time to time, I stop and ask myself, “What did I learn from this situation?” People tend to only give value to the achievements they have, the good days of their lives and have a remorseful tone while talking about the failures and the painful days of their life. But if we think about it, we learn most from our failures and pains. Don’t we?  So these are 4 things that I have learned from my experience with Depression:-

I can survive the worst

If you are living with Depression, you know how each time you hit the lowest you feel this will be it and it can’t get worse than this. But just as you are coming out of this one, another problem hits you and that seems even worse! We mostly think to ourselves, “It just gets worse and worse!” However, we forget to congratulate ourselves on the fact that we have survived each of these ‘worst situations’ till date, and will continue to do so in the future. I learned that no matter how harsh the situation may seem at this point, I know that I will make it through because I always do!

The sooner I would have taken help, the faster I would have gotten better

Now that I look back and see how I coped up with all the problems, I realize that most of the times I used the method of trial and error. Being in a stressful situation makes it almost impossible to be rational about the issue. This, in turn, makes it difficult to make a wise decision or think clearly. Being in therapy helped me understand my patterns which let me evaluate these options rationally. Furthermore, it also helped me find out the best way to do the same in life as well. This basically translates into more wise decisions, and fewer errors.

Therapy helps one deal with Depression in a better way until they are completely cured of it.

Being strong is not the same as not struggling

“I thought you are a very strong person. How can you have depression?”I heard this over and over again from many people. It is a very common false thinking that people who are mentally strong do not experience low phases in their lives. The truth is simply that they manage their low phases in a way that is either faster or hidden from the people and the world outside. This makes them seem like people who don’t have any major issues in life whatsoever. This image can lead to unrealistic expectations from oneself, like “How can I break down?” My Depression taught me how to break that unrealistic expectation of mine, and I realized how struggling can also be a sign of strength.

Depression is a part of me but it doesn’t define me

Over the period of time, I  started feeling irritated all the time. I kept quiet mostly and was not able to have fun like others is who I am. I referred to myself as the “boring” person for years-even after I recovered from my state. In spite of people telling me otherwise, my belief became so strong that I almost became that person. Today, knowing my own capabilities, I know that it was just a symptom and part of life. I know that even today there are days when I’m low. But that doesn’t mean I’m not the fun loving person that I really am.


I learned a lot many things from my episode of Depression. But, my therapy sessions had a major role to play in making me realize this fact. If you know someone who is also suffering from Depression, connect them with the help they need. Contact a counsellor from Mind Solace, and help them access better mental health as well as lesser suffering.

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Laraeb Pracha

Laraeb Pracha

Believing in the power of one self , I practice and encourage self work. Constantly in a process of exploring myself, I use the method of introspection. My own experience with depression and anxiety helps me understand others better and empathise with them.

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