My Breakup Taught Me How to Love Myself

My breakup taught m how to love myself.
Yishu Rajpal
Written by Yishu Rajpal

A breakup mark the end of that two people dreamt together. But, the same breakups can also turn into a stepping stone for one’s relationship with oneself.

My eureka moment

In the beginning, breaking up with my girlfriend felt like losing a fraction of me and my life as I had come to know it.  I felt numb on the inside albeit I was alive. But then, the show must go on! I realized I hadn’t lost one crucial part of the relationship till then- my own self. If I refused to stand by my own side, then who would?

The first few days right after the break up were the worst. I craved my girlfriend’s presence and support, but I could do nothing besides telling myself, “It’s alright. I am there for you!”

It was then that I faced my undying need for someone to depend on. All this while, I had been looking for someone who would care for me. However, I couldn’t expect another person to care for me forever. I had to be the person I needed in my own life.

How did I start caring for myself?

I started with the basics. Greeting my own self every morning became a part of my routine. I used to give myself motivational pep-talks whenever I found myself in a difficult situation.

When nothing seemed to work, I used to simply write a letter to myself and express how much I needed someone to rely on. Then, I would simply flip the page and write another letter to the same person and remind him that I was there for him irrespective of how the times were.

Were my efforts fruitful?

Strange as it may seem, all these activities made me feel like I am not alone. Moreover, relying on myself was a foolproof plan as I couldn’t run away from my own self!

My motivation and confidence increased day by day. Most importantly, I realized that I was the only person who was responsible for my own happiness. This realization showed me how my breakup has empowered me so much as to transform a forlorn boy into a self-reliant young man.

A breakup changed me for good.

That was the day on which I fell in love with myself for the first time.


My breakup turned me into a self-reliant person. However, none of this would have happened had I not decided to help my own self. Holding myself responsible for my own happiness wasn’t easy. Being there for myself didn’t come naturally to me either. Nevertheless, these very activities aided my metamorphosis from a boy desperately looking for support to a self-reliant, empowered and happy young lad.

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