A 23 Year Old’s Letter To Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder
Laraeb Pracha
Written by Laraeb Pracha
Dear Anxiety,

Yes, you are dear to me.
You kept me safe, you saved me from embarrassment.
You pushed me to finish my tasks, you kept me motivated.
You helped me learn to think before speaking,
You helped me choose my words better.
You helped me escape before that monkey could bite me!
You helped me live a safe life and you are very dear to me.

But when did you become so overprotective?
Since when did talking about my feelings and opinions became embarrassing?
How come now you block my thinking and freeze me at times with no words coming out of my mouth?
Why do you keep telling me that a monkey might be around when it’s my own room with closed windows?
How come from ‘I am feeling safe’ became scary?

How come your protection now seems like the end of the world?

Maybe it’s time you step back.
Maybe it’s time you let me breathe!
I need you, but not all the time
Maybe it’s time you let me move on!
I know it will be scary at first,
But this is scary too!
Maybe it’s time you stop choking me with your love
Maybe it’s time you protect me from afar.
You are still dear to me,
But maybe it’s time we maintain some boundaries.
Maybe then someday we can be safe again.

About the author

Laraeb Pracha

Laraeb Pracha

Believing in the power of one self , I practice and encourage self work. Constantly in a process of exploring myself, I use the method of introspection. My own experience with depression and anxiety helps me understand others better and empathise with them.

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