What Did a Child Teach Me About Living Life?

A child taught me a lot about living life.
Written by Gunjan Pasari

They say, “Children learn from us;”

I say, “I learned from him!”

This is my story of how a Naveen-a beautiful child with special needs- taught me a few important lessons about living life.

What did the child teach me?

Yes, you guessed it right! I am talking about a 12-year-old boy who calls me “Didi” every day. He is Naveen.

To begin with, Naveen waits for me every single morning without fail! I might be busy for a few days but he never fails to give me time in spite of all his challenges. Neither the lack of friends nor his academic challenges seem to upset this jolly fellow!

I have my ups and downs like any other person who is working in an organization. Some days bring happiness while others bring exhaustion. Some days are overwhelming but Naveen is ALWAYS happy. He enjoys everything that he does. Also, this little boy helps people selflessly and is always extremely eager to do so.

Also, Naveen takes every challenge in his stride. He enjoys his assessments too! In fact, I am the one who worries about his performance all the time. On the other hand, Naveen seems to be swaying with joy every single moment. He seems to be in no rush at all.

Guess what? He is never too tired! Delhi might be too hot or cold for me. I might crib about it. I might keep my tasks on hold on the premise that it is too cold to do anything.”It is too cold to do yoga every day” is the excuse I give myself. Nevertheless, Naveen doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of this. I am learning from this little kid of mine.  He never really bothers about his scores. Naveen simply enjoys his journey with education instead.

He often says “I want to be free like a bird”. And you simply have to see the grin on his face every day as he relishes those sweets that he gets after lunch.  The child often asks “Didi, aaj lunch menu mein dessert hain ya fruit?”

A child taught me some important life lessons

How many of us take these simple pleasures for granted?

Moreover, why can’t all of us gather the strength to be free and realize that life is all about giving?

Lastly, nothing is permanent after all. What are we running after? Today I am totally healthy, the next day I might be diagnosed with an unexpected disease. So guys, live your life to the fullest- it is short after all!


We may thus conclude that we cannot be certain about the roller coaster that life is. Ups and downs will always be a part of it. Naveen taught me how to remain happy irrespective of what life has to offer. We all struggle to live in the present moment. However, all of this comes naturally to him.

A little child called Naveen is teaching me more about life than I could possibly learn from anywhere else!

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