5 Reasons Why Your Support Matters for Someone’s Mental Health

Your support can help someone deal better with poor mental health.
Hargun Gill
Written by Hargun Gill

 Every day we interact with a host of people. Each person influences our behaviors and our thoughts. But the people who are the closest to us play an extremely crucial role in our lives. This can include our family, friends, significant other, even our professors and our bosses. A good social network can lead to increased self-esteem and better ability to deal with stress.

In case of any difficulty, the first person we turn to is either a family member or a friend. These are the people closest to us- the ones who give us immediate support and guidance. Having people around us who support and understand us can improve our mental health significantly. It also helps one recover faster from mental illness. All of us need to be more understanding of people with mental health issues. After all, our words and actions influence them in a variety of ways!

Support those with poor mental health to help them feel better.

Some of those impacts are as follows:-

1.It reduces the Stigma

The stigma attached to mental disorders can only be reduced when we start accepting those who have mental health issues.This stigma often has people feeling ashamed of themselves and their illness. Many of them suffer in silence, not telling anyone about their problems. Treating each other with respect is the first step towards creating a supportive/tolerant society that does not discriminate people with mental illness.

2. It makes them feel secure

Knowing that we can turn to someone in case of any difficulties makes us feel secure and gives us the freedom to express ourselves without feeling judged. If someone who is dealing with some mental health related issue feels that they are alone, she or he will get anxious or even fearful, which can be detrimental to psychotherapy.

3. It provides opportunities for feedback

When people express themselves and talk about their problems, it gives the other person a better understanding of what they are going through and in how they can help them. It also gives them a chance to talk to you which can be very helpful at times.

4. Your support gives them hope and motivates them

Having someone who believes in us and supports us, in turn, makes us believe in our own self. The hope that comes with this belief is instrumental in coping with our issues and is the cornerstone of therapy. It is only when people are motivated to deal effectively with their own problems that they are able to recover.

5. You can help them prevent a relapse

Even after one has successfully dealt with a mental illness, there are chances of a relapse. People who are close to the person can help identify signs that might suggest a possible relapse and thus prevent the person from falling into that trap.


In conclusion, having a good social support system plays a crucial role in the faster recovery of people having mental health issues. We should strive to create an environment that is accepting of all people and facilitates healing. Furthermore, if you wish to seek help for any psychological disorder that you, or someone you know, might be suffering from, you can do so by clicking here.

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